Entrepreneurs: How Having a Separate RingCentral Business Phone Line Can Help You Stay Healthy (and Be Successful)

The life of an entrepreneur can be challenging. With inflexible hours, a volatile working environment, and growing from scratch, it is important to look after your health so that you can be at your best.

Could installing a separate business phone line help you, not only in matters of health, but also in transforming the success of your enterprise? With the extra costs incurred by setting up a business phone, it is worth considering whether it’s time for a business phone line.


So when is the right time? Perhaps, if any of the following reasons ring true to you, the time is now.

Save Money On Your Personal Line

It is very common for sole traders and entrepreneurs to use their personal phone line when doing business. When we are doing things on our own terms, and more importantly, self-funding all of our business activities, it makes a lot of sense to save money and be resourceful. As a result, we make use of our professional phone to make calls to clients or potential customers, or contact business-to-business or team members.

The problem is, your personal mobile package is most likely suited to the needs of your personal life. If you are on a contracted package, it is very easy to go over that amount if you suddenly increase your phone usage.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to discover what options there are with companies that specialise in providing RIng Central business phone line. They are likely to also include other features relevant to your professional needs, helping you to group the cost and saving money on the whole.

Maintain a Work-Life Balance

A successful work-life balance is possibly one of the most obvious and difficult challenges an entrepreneur may face. When you put your blood, sweat and tears into a company, there’s no surprise that you are fully committed to it and will put your all into seeing it turn into your vision.

As a result, running a business can sometimes lead to the business running you. Answering calls when with friends, working those long extra hours, making it more difficult for you to switch off when it comes to sleep, waiting on an important call when your mind should be elsewhere—does any of this sound familiar?

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to set very clear boundaries on when you will allow yourself to focus on business. But let’s face it, turning your phone off isn’t a possibility because you also use it to contact your friends and family. Whoever whatever the use, your personal life needs your phone in it too.

This is why having a completely separate business phone line can make a massive difference to your mind-set, and helps to maintain your work-life balance. It gives you the opportunity to turn off your business phone line when you truly don’t need it, or when your mind should be focused on your family or socializing.

Staying Safe and Private

Do your customers like to get in touch with you by phone? If the answer is yes, and you use your own phone for business, it’s likely that your personal phone number is broadcast across the web.

Of course, it is entirely your choice whether this makes you feel uncomfortable or not. However, if increased business demand catches up with you before you can blink, you may feel differently later.

If your personal phone number is published on a variety of different online and offline marketing platforms, it can be very difficult to keep track of. If you later make the decision that you are not happy that your personal number is shared with anyone on the internet, it’s probably worth thinking about this sooner, rather than later.

It may be very difficult to go back and remove your number from all of the places where it’s listed and change them over to a business number.

Also bear in mind what costs you are going to incur when you have to change over your number to a separate business phone line. If your marketing material is printed, such as on business cards or posters, it is going to cost you capital in order to replace them all.

And what if you don’t have any control over getting the materials back? If you distribute flyers or release ads in magazines it is going to be a very arduous task to get those back and probably impossible to find them all and remove your number.

Whilst the investment in a separate business phone line may not be at top of your priorities at the moment—and let’s face it, if it’s not, you budget isn’t likely to stretch very far—it is certainly worth being well prepared so that you don’t get caught out halfway through the year. After all, the opportunity costs may far outweigh the initial set-up costs in the first place.