Top 10 Backlink Indexing Services for Effective SEO

Backlink indexing is a process or the technique of indexing webpages (tier N pages) that you have created containing your website link in the content area. If you are a SEO marketer then you definitely need indexing services to quickly index your website backlinks.

There are many web indexing sites that are competing against one another in terms of service and other factors. So here is a list of the top ten sites for web indexing, so far categorized according to the present market needs.

Best Backlink Indexing Services

1 – Indexification [More info]


A backlink indexing site that definitely offers you the widest range of features available yet. With your account on Indexification you get unlimited URLs, a scope of adding almost about 1.5 million links every month, the advantage of auto shortening and re linking, you can schedule links almost days and sometimes even months ahead and with 100% crawling rate, high link indexing rates, automatic link checking process and dead link removal, full remote API access, and most importantly a 24×7 customer support service.

You get the perfect professional assistance and safe service required and also mass back linking advantage. They also help you by creating RSS feeds, XML sitemaps, and relevant content pages.

2 – Instant Link Indexer [More info]

instant link indexer

Following are the features that one can access with your account. Blog network links, pages of personal website, private blog network links, back links of any kind, link scheduling up to 30 days, Whitelabel CSV progress reports, full remote API access, and most all guaranteed indexing up to 70% – 80%. Besides it also 100% automated. Not very high priced and you get a 24×7 customer support.

3 – Xindexer [More info]


An automated indexing website, newly built but comprising of powerful back link building features. Its is perfectly suited to serve your automatic indexing requirements. A new credit system gives you the capability to control your needs and stay away from memebership expense when you don’t need it at all times.

A dashboard 3D visual lets you understand the processes that your back links are going through. A special xindexer loop helps your URL work for about 28 days and then safely placed into the archive. Link checker checks the links and back links and ensures that they are where they need to be. Automated indexing helps you not worry about each and every step that you need to perform.

You just initialize the set up and your whole purpose is taken care of. Index is checked every 7 days and ensures that the URL has been indexed by the search engine. There are also several plans at different prices like Personal plan, advanced plan and also the premium enterprise plan.

4 – Linklicious [More info]


With linklicious you get guaranteed indexing, and rank them high on google and other search engines, you get to check the graph and rising of your links every time and monitor your rankings continuously, linklicious is the first site to offer crawling facilities and also lots of other advantages.

5 – Lindexed [More info]


Another great services that can easily be interested with some of the best seo tools without any hassle. Easy to setup and extremely efficient. Highly recommended.

6 – Backlink Booster [More info]

backlink booster

It is a very effective and user friendly website indexing site that helps you get your website to top the list of the search engine results. More and more number of back links get indexed and supplies juices to the to the users website.

Hence it is a great way to encourage a lot of traffic in your website on regular basis. You get a chance to grab almost 52% of the daily traffic in the search engine into your website, being positioned the first among them.

7 – Backlink Indexer [More info]

backlink indexer

A tested and useful back link indexing site that creates back link to your back links. The features that you get are unique IP blogs, Web 2.0 account facility, Bookmarking sites, RSS aggregator, and also micro blogs.

There are different price plans for available like basic, advanced, pro etc with varying access to features and facilities available. For e.g the basic plan allows to have 1500 URL’s per month and about 20,000 back links.

The advanced and pro plans offer even higher usage of URLs and back links along with some added facilities. This all comes at $15 per month for basic and $60 per month for pro. A trial usage facility is also available.


8 – One Hour Indexing [More info]

one hour indexing

This site is built for speed and serving your needs at the least time possible. This means your site literally grows up in ranking in a very short time , shooting up and surpassing other sites in google index.

Price plans available are starter for $17 that gives you 1000 links back linking per day, basic, pro with unlimited 3rd party API, link level report and customer help line, and Agency plan with about 200K links per day meant for heavy business.

Other great backlink indexing checker services

9 – Linkpipeline

These are a top few of the best and well known sites for web indexing available in the internet today. However, needs vary according to purposes and these sites vary in some way or the other in terms of facility advantages and economy.

So you always get a good amount of options to choose the best for your needs.

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