Top Ten Link Building Softwares To ROCK UP Your SEO!

Links are without a doubt an essential part of SEO and if you want to rank your website on Google or any other search engine, you’ll need to have loads of Quality and Relevant backlinks.  If you own a couple of sites, you’ll soon realize that link building is a time consuming and tiresome process. You’ll either have to create viral content that people link to or you’ll have to hire a team of SEO professionals to rank your website, however, this can be an costly option for most webmasters. One of the preferred solutions is to purchase a link building software that creates backlinks to your website or webpage on autopilot.

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You can either run the software on your computer or purchase a VPS online that would run your backlinking tools 24/7. All you have to do would create a campaign and run it.

This way you’ll be able to spend more time creating quality content, than worrying about backlinks. We have listed out some of the most popular link building softwares that would help you sky rocket your website on top of Google.

Best Backlinking Tools to Use in 2015

1 – Scrapebox [More info]


“Scrapebox” is great link building software. As the name suggests it scrapes links from the search engines like Google, Bing etc that matches with your keywords.

This software is highly recommended for those who want to check their competitors link profile. You can also scrape 100’s of proxies to be used in other backlinking softwares.

There is a unique feature in this tool that it has the option of adding custom search engines and harvesting not only the usual URL’s but even proxies too.

2- Senuke XCR [More info]


 One of the link building tools that is tipped for greatness is the Senuke XCr. Its link building ability is so good that you’ll see instant results after a few successful campaigns. Its SEO campaign is super fast and much better than the other link builders.

It has got a simpler interface so a person with no knowledge of SEO can also use it with ease. Apart from the usual features it has got a strong macro recorder. With macro recorder it can harvest the links from any search engine without asking you to write it.

3 – Ultimate Demon [More info]


The best thing about this link building software is that you do not have to be a computer geek or a computer expert to operate this software. It comes with the multi threading support and you can submit your content with this software to numerous websites. Whatever the genre of the site is Ultimate demon will help you in submission of the content.

For enhancing your link building campaign you can now add different sites with the help of this software. Another good feature of this link building software is that you can add different scripts of sites that helps diversify your SEO campaign.

4 – Magic submitter [More info]


Magic submitter is another great link building tool that helps you rank your website with ease. It has got numerous amazing features like automatic updating of your content/videos or top video sites, spinning of your articles to unique stuff so that Search engines may get to know that your content is original, automatic posting of your articles to top blogs/micro blogs/article publishing websites.

5 – Link Assistant [More info]

Link assistant provide 4 unique tools to help you optimize your webpage onsite as well as offsite. Their SEO Spy Glass tool will help you keep track of your backlink profile as well as your competitors.

Also, Rank Tracker is another great tool to check your website performance on a daily basis – other tools include BuzzBundle and Website Auditor .

6 – Xrumer

Created by the very famous BotMaster labs this link building tool is a very flexible and cost effective link building softwares which comes with numerous advantages. Among the link building family this software is known as “auto-submitter” because the automatic updating system of this link building software is increasingly enhanced.

This is a very famous link building tool among the computer professionals who are associated with marketing and promoting websites or blogs or anything. Not just this it has also got the option of multi threading and you can send the threads to different sites at any given time.

7 – BackLink Beast [More info]

This is another NEW but great link building software to entice the traffic to your page and help increase your website popularity. This tool is similar to SenukeXCR, but has a different set of sites that you can submit content to.

This tool will help you submit your content on different websites, blogs or social networks. Not in every link building tool you get the option of PDF sharing website submission but Backlink Beast offers you this.

You can read more about this software and how I ranked my website on Google using it.

8 – Sick Submitter

It is a decent link builder which has got the features like time scheduler, a cheesy link template system and comes along with a super fast mini browser. It is also very stylish and better looking plus is costs less than other link builders.

9 – Search Engine Ranker

It is a great link builder with the ability to make backlinks for you 24/7. You don’t have to worry about the backlinks anymore when you have got the Search engine ranker in your hands.

This link builder does not need any database or portfolio of a website for the submission of your content. It will automatically detect the website and post your content in there.

10 – Zenno Poster

Yet another link building software which automates submissions. You can automate any work that you will do manually within a few minutes. Use friendliness is the best feature of Zenno Poster!

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