5 Things Your Web Design Might Say About You

If you own an online business and have a website, then are many things that can be understood about your company and you from the way your website is designed. This is because many people judge about the services/product of a company based on the visual design of the website and hence you should be careful while designing your website. A great web design can definitely get you more customers and increase your business revenue.


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Home Page says it all:

Your home page acts like the index of the website and considered as front page of a book. If it does not have a pleasant visual design and if it’s very messy with too much of contents, it might irritate all your visitors. They might simply close the tab and switch to some other website.

Your home page should be simple, elegant and load quickly even on computers with low bandwidth internet connection. You should not use too much of graphics and high resolution images since this will work only on high power systems and will not load properly on low-end systems. Hence design a custom and unique home page with all essential features and easy to navigate pages.

Make Readers Understand your Website’s purpose:

When people visit your website you should make them understand the purpose of the site and also your brand’s voice. If you have a confusing and messy website loaded with tons of junk information, they will simply get irritated and close it. The home page should explain the overview of what your website is about and what products/services your business offers to customers.

You can showcase your main product in home page and use sliders/catalogs if you have multiple products such that users can view range of products in less time. Avoid using too much of text or links in the first web page as this will drive back the users.

Make use of interesting visuals like photos, illustrations and sliders in the home page with excellent navigation such that it will capture the interest of the visitors. Avoid too much of advertisements which will also irritate the users.

Choose your Colors Wisely:

Whenever  you design a website, it’s important to choose your colors wisely and matching the purpose of your website. Colors can make huge difference as each color communicate certain meaning to the visitors. Colors can be interpreted in different ways and can be used warn, invite or greet the users. Some common interpretations of basic colors are as below,

Red: Generally represents romance, passion or Danger.  This color is Ideal for dating and relationship websites.

Green: Generally represents nature, eco system and Green websites. Ideal choice for travel, tourism, forestry and educational institution websites.

Pink: It’s a feminine color suitable for children’s websites and also dating websites.

Yellow: It’s a bright color and can be used to represent cheerful brands, tourism websites, holiday brands, children’s products etc.

Blue: Generally used for travel and finance websites and indicates peace and prosperity.

Generally the brain associates each color with certain feeling and you should use the colors wisely to give the right impression to your customers. You should not design a dating website with black or orange color which will not impress the visitors. The colors can also mean a lot about your brand and impact your online presence overall.

Design the Layout wisely:

Many websites lack proper navigation and layout is not designed properly. This will make the visitors to lose track of where they are and they might get mislead to some other page instead of the page they actually wanted to see. Ensure that you have a clean and proper layout along with proper menu and links for navigating to other pages. Ideally you should a top menu or side menu in the home page from which you can navigate to all pages in your website. Also portray the important products/services in your home page. Clear sitemaps can help your website get higher ranking since search engines crawl through the sitemaps for indexing your site. A good website should follow the latest W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards and should match the proper HTML coding format. Please ensure you follow these standards while designing your website.

Compatibility with Different platforms:

Other important things to be considered while designing your website are loading time and compatibility with different browsers. Don’t design your website based on specific browser or platforms since target customers might use different systems to access your website. Nowadays many people use Tablets and Smart phones to browse the internet and hence you should also make sure your website works in mobile platforms and has support for touch input. Also make sure the loading times are very less and use responsive layouts which adapt based on the screen size of the users. Make sure there are no broken links in your website since it can drive away the users.