How to Recover Your Master Password | Firefox Tips

firefoxRemember the last time we discussed on how to secure your passwords in Firefox? In case you have missed the post, take a look here. We said that by applying the Master Password over your list of user-names and passwords you can save them from being accessed by some one else.

What if you some how lost or forget your Master Password? Now if that’s the case, here is a quick method on how to reset your master password.

Simply copy and paste the following code as shown below into your Firefox address bar;


Once you press enter you’ll be prompted/warned to reset your password. Hit the ‘Reset‘ Button and you will have your Master Password reset.


Note: This trick has one short coming; once you enter the Reset button, ALL your user names and passwords including the Master Password will be reset. So make sure you write/save your user-names and passwords some where safe.