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What Is Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and How To Disable It In Windows 7 / Vista

The very first part to this question is answering what Data Execution Prevention is. DEP is a security feature that helps to prevent damage to a computer system from security threats like viruses, for example, according to Microsoft. Potentially harmful Read More →

How to Refresh Firefox Webpage Directly From Server without Clearing Cache

There is no doubt that Mozilla Firefox has so many options to choose from and there is also so much to learn about it as well. But the problem remains that there is not a proper source to which you Read More →

How To: Firefox Cache Files And Folder In Windows

Many people are looking for the different but related terms on the internet. Firefox cache folder, Firefox temp folder, Firefox cache location, Firefox temporary folder and Firefox cache files are just some of the terms people are continuously searching for Read More →

How To Download And Convert Videos Directly From Firefox Browser With Media Converter Add-On

There are so many different applications that you can get from the internet that will help you to download videos from websites. You also have different software as well to help you in this process but this method is a Read More →

How To Open Docx File In Firefox Using OpenXML Add-On

In order for us to get into the detail about this process, it is important that we define a few important terms that can be seen in the title of the article. First off, we have a Docx File. What Read More →

How To Block and Filter Out Annoying Ads in Firefox

Are you also bombarded by all these ridiculous advertisements that pop up while you are surfing the internet. It’s annoying, isn’t it? We feel for you. Advertisements are effective, no doubt but this is only when they are relative to Read More →
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