Track Facebook Friends who Secretly Deletes or Removes you as a Contact

facebookIts a strange fact that Facebook always informs you whenever some one adds you to his/her friends list, by displaying the message that ‘X and Y are now friends on Facebook‘, but stays silent when some one secretly removes you as a friend.

Its noticeable if you have a small group of friends, but what if you have a large circle of friends, lets say around 100-200 or even greater? I know its get hard to keep track of the number of friends you have on any particular time.

If you are interested in knowing who removed you from his or her friends list, you should give Unfriender a shot!

If you click on the link highlighted above you will be asked to allow access to your Facebook profile. Click ‘Allow’. You will then be asked whether you want to allow access when you are offline; click ‘Allow Offline Access’. Once you are done, a message will appear, saying;

From today forward, we’ll start tracking your friend list for people that drop off of it, and we’ll notify your when we find someone that has unfriended you.

From now onwards all your friends and those who will remove you will be tracked by Unfriender.

Note: The only draw back with this app is that you’ll only be notified about those friends that you have added after installing the Facebook application.

PS: Here is another useful app from Facebook named X-Friends that I found on AboutOnlineTips. Follow the same procedure as mentioned above. Give it a try and let us know which one is better and why?