How to Remove or Modify the Shortcut Overlay in Windows Vista?

Yesterday, I got a mail from XeroxMoor, who asked if there is a way to remove Customize shortcut overlay from Windows Vista which appears on every shortcut that is created.

I was more interested in finding a simple registry hack that would eventually solve this problem. Instead I stumbled upon to a great application named Vista Shortcuts Overlay Manager.

Actually the name is quite misleading, this application doesn’t do much expect for changing the default icon behavior of your shortcuts in Windows Vista.


As can be seen from the screen shot above, this application only provides you with four options;

  1. Arrow
  2. Light Arrow
  3. Custom Arrow
  4. No Arrow

There is one last option right at the bottom of the program, which says;

Select here to remove “-shortcut” extension when new shortcuts are created

You need to log-out of your account and log-in for the changes to take effect. Don’t forget to install .NET Framework for this to work.

Download Vista Shortcut Manager

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