SnakeTail – Open Large Log Files And Monitor Windows Events In Real Time

Checking some large log files and ever-growing application event consoles need a robust monitoring application which could effortlessly handle log files bigger than 1 GB. Many customers don’t bother using devoted programs for viewing large text log files and examining Windows generated event list and employ natively provided tools, for example, Notepad and event Viewer, but it has been observed that default audiences frequently begin to lag because of high memory and CPU consumption.

The answer is by using a software application which could handle both excessive memory and CPU consumption when opening large text logs. One particular utility is SnakeTail. It’s a little log analyzer and Windows event monitoring utility which allows users to open multiple log and occasions windows in MDI based interface to be able to do evaluations and analysis instantly.

Just try lots of log consoles, it enables saving all of the opened up log windows periods inside a file, to help you restore it well anytime. The written text log and windows events could be strained by utilizing regular expressions. You are able to decide to apply different colors on strings to differentiate a particular event in one huge text log file.

First, you have to either open the log file or choose Eventlog option from File menu to watch live windows events, for example, Hardware events, IE, Key Management Services, Media Center, Security, windows PowerShell, etc. Once selected, it will begin to list all of the events recorded in the present login session.

If you plan to check specific application log file with windows event logs, right-click any place in your window and choose Switch window mode to see both windows side-by-side. To alter the backdrop color, font size, family and color of any window, choose View Options from right-click menu and apply the needed font configurations.

Under View Options window, you are able to define the most cache size heavy log files and file check interval to maintain CPU and RAM usage in check. From Keyword Highlight, enter all individuals strings which should be outlined in windows events log along with other opened up log files.

SnakeTail is small, lightweight along with a effective log text and Windows occasions monitoring utility which creates all versions of Home windows OS.

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