An Overview of Windows 8 OS

With the Mobile World Congress recently just taking place, we have gotten a more in-depth look of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system that is to come out soon. Windows 8 and Mac’s OS X Lion are set to have similarities but in this write-up we are set to only discuss some of the outstanding features of the Windows 8. Windows 8 is set to make the most of a touch interface with separate OS’ for tablets and desktop PCs and a separate OS version for mobile phones.

In this article, we will discussing the Consumer Preview for Windows 8. Before you get started, there is a great selection of colors that you can apply to your background. This also brings a change in the color of the Windows logo to match whatever color you choose for your background. The next step you must complete is to choose a WiFi connection that you want to use as an access point (for tablets only). Once you complete these steps, you will be required to set-up your PC. If you decide to select the Express Settings, you will automatically activate the security settings and updates for your OS will automatically be downloaded and installed.

Recently, we have seen the creation and rise of app stores for almost everything. Windows too now has an app store. For this, you will need to register, if not already, and sign into your online account. This allows you to use the app store, cloud computing services, syncing service and SkyDrive.

We mentioned earlier that the new version of the Windows OS will heavily support a touch interface. Many of the features strongly support a touch interface, be it a tablet or a PC. In later articles, we will see what is new with the new Windows 8 and what sets it apart from preceding versions.

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