Great Tips for New iPhone Owners

Getting a new iPhone is quite exciting. If you have never owned a smartphone before, you should be quite happy to get one of the best devices on the market thanks to its reliable performance, sleek design, and a plethora of available features.

At the same time, if you lack experience with smartphones, you may need more time to discover certain iPhone features that would make your life a lot easier. The odds of missing a feature completely are also there.

Taking a proactive approach and familiarizing yourself with some of the things you can do on an iPhone before you start using it would be a good idea. The tips below should come in quite handy.

Transfer Files

If you have a friend or family member with an iPhone and would like to share files with them should not be an issue. For example, you take a photo at a birthday party and would like to send it to your mom. There should be no problems transferring photos from iphone to iphone if you have a MacBook and can link both smartphones to the same computer using special software.

At the same time, if you do wish not to bother with such software, or don’t have a MacBook, simply send via social media or email.

It is worth noting that transferring files from your iPhone to another Apple device is quite simple as well. Sync your Mac or iPad with the same iCloud account you use on the iPhone and forget about the problem of sharing files between different Apple devices. 

Enable the Dark Mode

It took Apple a long time to finally bring the dark mode. iPhone fans have been asking for the feature for a long time, and it became a reality in iOS 13. Now, you can use your iPhone even when it is dark, and there is no need to rely on the smartphone’s brightness. 

To enable the dark mode, tap on the Settings tab and select Display & Brightness. You will see Dark and Light modes. 

As an alternative, you could also ask Siri to switch from dark mode to light mode and vice-versa.

Take Screenshots

Taking screenshots on your iPhone might seem a bit complicated, but it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

To take a screenshot, press the Top and the Home buttons simultaneously and wait for a snap sound indicating that a screenshot has been taken. After you hear the sound, release the buttons. You can find screenshots in the Albums folder, which is in the Photos section.

Use Siri

Siri is a virtual assistant that can improve the overall iPhone experience significantly. If you have not used a digital AI before, it may feel a bit unusual to give Siri various commands. However, once you realize how much this assistant has to offer, you are likely to continue using her. Take a look at some examples. Siri can:

  • Call or text one of your contacts
  • Check voicemail
  • Tell you the weather
  • Do math calculations and unit conversions
  • Provide word definitions
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Set and send a reminder
  • Make reservations
  • Send payment via Apple Pay
  • Roll dice and flip a coin
  • Identify songs

Preserve Battery

The battery lifespan should not be an issue for a new iPhone. However, be wary that if you are not careful, you will have to charge the smartphone more often than you would like. Besides, there may be instances when you do not have an electrical outlet available.

For starters, get in the habit of closing background applications when you finish using them. Enabling the battery preservation mode is a good piece of advice as well. Finally, do not clutter the iPhone’s storage. 

Install System Updates

There are three main reasons why you should download and install iOS updates as soon as they are out.

The first reason is general performance improvements. Each iOS version pushes a new and improved system that performs better than its predecessor. 

The second reason is security upgrades. While iPhones are not that prone to cybersecurity threats, the odds of attracting unwanted viruses or malware are still there. 

The third and final reason is new features. Some iOS versions bring a more significant changelog and a feature list; others offer fewer changes. However, when there is a new major update to iOS, you can expect to receive new features on your iPhone after downloading and installing an update.

Rearrange the Home Screen

The last tip in this article is about home screen rearrangement. If you are unhappy with how many app shortcuts there are on the home screen or that some apps are missing, you can press and hold the home key and wait for the smartphone’s screen to start wiggling. When it does, tap on app shortcuts and move or remove them from the home screen.