A Few Gadgets We Could Have Been Better Without

While we celebrate this Leap Year, we thought we should do something special. Everyone is always looking into the gadgets and the technology that has changed their lives for good. How come no one has ever looked at the gadgets Read More →

Microsoft Zune HD (32GB) 2nd Generation Portable MP3 Player

The original Microsoft Zune came out not too long ago and we all still remember what an epic fail it was. We were really disappointed to see Microsoft come out with something like that. Now, years have passed and we Read More →

Klipsch Image S4 In-Ear Headphones Review

The headphone market is very saturated and for this we must thank the sudden emergence of the numerous contenders in the earbud market. We have come across many earbuds that we thought were pretty decent in performance etc until we Read More →

How to Buy an eBook Reader

There has been a sudden change from actual paperback books to digital books. Over the past couple of years, digital books have started to follow a strong rising trend and currently, their demand is ever-high. In 2007, we saw the Read More →

Microsoft Publicizes Explorer Touch Mouse – Pricing & Availability

Microsoft has publicized the availability and pricing of the latest hardware, that is new Explorer Touch Mouse that will join the old brand of touch series mouse including Microsoft Arch Touch & Touch Mouse. The Microsoft Explorer Read More →

Digital Photoframe with Internet Features

What could be more relaxing and pleasurable to you than watching your loved ones photos on an LCD Digital photo frame? The photo frame that I am blogging about, not only displays spectacular pictures, Read More →
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