Take Your Android a Step Higher with Firefox 10

What more could you ask of Mozilla Firefox? They have managed to bring the top desktop web browser to Android smartphones and Android tablets. The one thing we love Read More →

Integrate Remember the Milk tasks into Gmail using Firefox addon

remember-the-milk-logoRemember The Milk for Gmail is a Firefox extension that allows you to manage your tasks in Gmail (complete, postpone, and edit tasks), add new tasks (and connect them with Read More →

Unofficial Rapidshare Tool – A Firefox and Opera Extension

rapidshare_logoFirefox extensions like RSFind makes copying Rapidshare links from web pages fast and simple. Despite its usefulness in grabbing links it lacks Read More →

Easily Grab Rapidshare Links From A Webpage with RSFind | Firefox Extension

If you are a frequent user of Rapidshare and face difficulty working around or finding files, you may take a look at some of the tools already mentioned , here, Read More →

7 Ways to Make Firefox Even Better

grease-monkeySometimes adding little changes makes things better. When these minute changes are made in one of your favorite sites they can mean a lot. Firefox brings some of the most popular Read More →

Mp3 Player Integrated into Your Firefox Browser with FoxyTunes

Are you a music fanatic? If you love to listen to music while surfing the internet FoxyTunes can help. An internet browser integration that plays your MP3's from your browser window! FoxyTunes is an Extension for Firefox Read More →
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