Easily Grab Rapidshare Links From A Webpage with RSFind | Firefox Extension

If you are a frequent user of Rapidshare and face difficulty working around or finding files, you may take a look at some of the tools already mentioned , here, Read More →

Mp3 Player Integrated into Your Firefox Browser with FoxyTunes

Are you a music fanatic? If you love to listen to music while surfing the internet FoxyTunes can help. An internet browser integration that plays your MP3's from your browser window! FoxyTunes is an Extension for Firefox Read More →

Excellent Firefox add-ons for Torrents

This is just a quick post for all those torrent freaks out there. Yesterday we stumbled upon a few Firefox extensions that we would like to share with you. The first extension is called the Torrent Finder; which is basically a Read More →

Open Internet Explorer in Firefox with IE Tab

firefox-logo-pngWeb developers from around the globe need to take extra caution when designing web sites. As already discussed, the main problem faced by designers is while working with CSS (Cascading Style Read More →

Anonymous Surfing with Firefox on a Mac

Last time we shared 11 proxy add-on for secure surfing using Firefox in Windows. This time we will teach you how to surf anonymously with Firefox on Mac OS X. Before we begin, Download the NeoTunnel DMG file Read More →

Convert Text into Voice/Speech with SpeakIt | Firefox

I know that you all would agree with me if I say that it is very helpful if the text is read aloud, especially for those who can't see and sometimes when you are so tired that you don't want Read More →
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