Windows Tips

Access files and folders quickly with Orbiter (Mac)

People normally fret about that kind of troublesome feeling they have to face while opening the files and folders each and every time for any purpose. There should be software that could just store files and folders and you do Read More →

Quickly Adjust Multiple Windows on Desktop with WinSplit Revolution

Most of the times a person is working with different applications and it becomes so galling to open each application in different windows. There is a tool that has made it possible for you to work more efficiently by opening Read More →

Mount iPhone As Local Drive In ‘My Computer’ And Get Root Access

Apple products are epidemic in the world now and so are the stuff related to it. Whenever you connect your apple iPhone you need to visit some third party tool in order to get access to the iPhone or the Read More →

Schedule & Remotely Shutdown/Restart Your PC From Mobile Phone

Some times you are downloading a big file and it takes a lot of time and frets you out. You cannot stay awake all night just to turn off the computer but you are worried too that if you sleep Read More →

Perform Multiple Batch Operations Over Image Set with ImageBatch

The work on the images with the advancing age is becoming greater and bigger. Although with the advent of the Photoshop things have become a little easier but due to the complexity of Photoshop most people still prefer to use Read More →

Add ‘Up One Level’ Or “Click To Return” Button In Windows 7 Explorer

Windows has introduced a lot of shortcuts and one such shortcut that people are using or like to use is the ‘Up one Level’ button in your own Windows 7 explorer. It is not a new feature but it was Read More →
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