Windows Tips

Add ‘Up One Level’ Or “Click To Return” Button In Windows 7 Explorer

Windows has introduced a lot of shortcuts and one such shortcut that people are using or like to use is the ‘Up one Level’ button in your own Windows 7 explorer. It is not a new feature but it was Read More →

How To Start Firefox and Internet Explorer Without Add-ons

If your browser recently, suddenly, became unstable due to an installation of an add-on then you have come to the right place. Sometimes, when you install a new add-on, you probably don’t know it but it may be the reason Read More →

How to Speed Up Windows 7/Vita Start Search By Applying a Simple Fix

When you perform a search with Windows 7 or Vista, you usually use the Start Search in the Start Menu. This automatically begins a search for the file whose name you mentioned in the bar and it starts displaying the Read More →

What Is Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and How To Disable It In Windows 7 / Vista

The very first part to this question is answering what Data Execution Prevention is. DEP is a security feature that helps to prevent damage to a computer system from security threats like viruses, for example, according to Microsoft. Potentially harmful Read More →

How To Run Application Or Program Which Is Incompatible With Windows 7/Vista

Have you ever tried running a program on Windows 7 or Vista and it wasn’t compatible? There are two things that may happen when you experience this: you either get a Blue Screen of Death (often referred to as BSoD) Read More →

How To Use Task Scheduler To Tweak Automatic Disk Defragmentation In Windows 7 / Vista

When using Windows 7/Vista, you will find many standard applications from Windows that have gotten a face lift. One of these programs is the Disk Defragmenter interface that has been changed into a dialog box now with a task scheduler Read More →
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