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How To Disable / Remove Shutdown From Windows 7 / Vista

Do you want your computer to never shut down? Do you wish to rip people of their ability of turning your computer off? If your answer is yes to both of these questions, then you have surely come to the Read More →

How To Bring Back Missing Hibernate Option In Windows 7 / Vista

Many people are experiencing problems related to Windows Vista’s Hibernate function. The Hibernate function is one of Window’s power saving mode and many people have filed reports stating that the feature does not work. Hibernate is a feature on your Read More →

How To Rebuild The Search Index In Windows 7 / Vista

When you perform a search in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, files that were deleted earlier will probably show up in the search results because the Indexing Service will need to be updated in its records. The time frame varies Read More →

How To Configure Windows To Automatically Switch Between Static And DHCP Network

It is really annoying to constantly changing the network TCP/IP properties for a mobile computer system for a person who needs to work in a DHCP and static IP network surrounding occasionally, especially if you’re in a hurry to bring Read More →

How To Change Display Date/Time Format In Vista / 7

Some of us who use Windows have noticed how our clocks appear in the system tray but the format is in the 24 hour format and it has been set to this format by default. I, honestly speaking, prefer to Read More →

How To Disable/Turn off System Restore In Windows 7 / Vista

Whenever you install a new program, driver, update etc, Windows creates a Restore Point by using their System Restore feature. A snapshot is taken and a collection of important files are copied and a backup is made. If anything goes Read More →
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