IPhone 5s Gadgets What To Expect?

The release of the IPhone 5s has opened a door for all sorts of accessories you can add to really make your phone your own and make it work for you in the way you need. Ensuring you can easily Read More →

What We Didn’t Get with the New iPad

So after all those days of continuous rumors, we finally got our hands on the new iPad as well as our eyes. We got some better connectivity options, an improved camera, an “enhanced” processor and Retina Display. Unfortunately, there were Read More →

Download and Install Windows 8 on Your MacBook Air

Windows 8 is getting closer and closer to its final release and people cannot seem to wait for it to come out. The Consumer Preview was made publicly available a few days ago and, if you do not Read More →

iOS 5 Review – The Fifth Gen iOS

We realize that we are pretty late coming to this article, but we still believe that we had to give a quick overview of the new iOS. It is pretty much deep into its 5th year now and it has Read More →

Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0 – Your Solution to Edit Pictures on Your iPhone

There are not many things wrong with iPhone’s exclusive Adobe Photoshop Express. It is clean to look at and this is further supported by its clear interface. There is not much going on in the screen that can Read More →

Accident ToolKit App for iPhone – Developed to Aid Road Accident Victims

An innovative application for the iPhone is arriving for the assistance of road accident victims by providing them a facility to record every detail of the incident and get these processed by a private team of analysts. The application will take Read More →
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