IPhone 5s Gadgets What To Expect?

The release of the IPhone 5s has opened a door for all sorts of accessories you can add to really make your phone your own and make it work for you in the way you need. Ensuring you can easily Read More →

What We Didn’t Get with the New iPad

So after all those days of continuous rumors, we finally got our hands on the new iPad as well as our eyes. We got some better connectivity options, an improved camera, an “enhanced” processor and Retina Display. Unfortunately, there were Read More →

Best Apps for the iPhone

Picking just a handful of some great apps on the iPhone would really be a close to impossible task, but we still managed to do so. It wasn’t easy to pick out just a few apps from the thousands of Read More →

What We Want From Apples’ iOS 6

The OS that Apple debuted in October of 2011, iOS 5, was something amazing. It was designed beautifully and it made its way to become one of the best OS on a smartphone and tablet to date. But in reality, Read More →

What to Consider When Buying a Used iPad

There is less than a whole day until we don’t see the new iPad from Apple, the Apple iPad 3. The iPad 3 has created many different rumors about itself and we cannot confirm anything until we don’t actually see Read More →

What’s New with the New iPad / iPad 3?

So we are sure that you have heard about the new iPad. It is all over the internet. The new iPad has lived up to many of its expectations. Just from looking at it, you will not be able to Read More →
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