Does Your Website Need an SEO Audit?

Setting up a website needs more than having a fancy or colorful layout. To drive the target audience into a site, you should realize what makes them prefer your website over others. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in, and one of the best ways to maximize on this process is to conduct an SEO audit.

The success of your website relies on several factors, such as brand recognition, customer loyalty, and access to distribution channels. However, without utilizing sound SEO strategies – say, using keyword research tools or streamlining your page loading speed – it’s bound to get defeated by the competition.

What is an SEO Audit?

In a nutshell, SEO audit is a process that involves checking your website’s visibility and friendliness to search engines. Doing this should provide you a better insight on how your website stands by checking individual pages and the overall traffic.

An SEO audit is a great way of finetuning your strategies to improve performance, thereby allowing you to rank better in SERPs. Therefore, finding the right people to do the job correctly is as important.

Together with other website optimization tools, SEO audit is essential to fuel the marketing of practically any kind of website, such as physical therapy sites.

SEO Audit Determines Your Website’s Health

You can’t just sit down and hope that your website becomes famous overnight. It’s important for any website owner to do the following SEO audit processes:

Technical Analysis

Check for the website’s visibility and accessibility through online search. Trying to create new content for your site would be a waste of time if your potential customers cannot find your website in Google and other search engines.

On-page Analysis

You need to be certain that you can relay your message to all pages. Every part of your site needs to make sense and should be structured well for your prospective clients to get hooked in reading through your whole website. This also includes using clean URLs that can describe the content properly.

Off-page Analysis

This refers to how trustworthy your website is, in the sense that it gets to be among the top-ranking sites when someone searches about you or your services. Some good techniques to build trust for your website include generating valuable content that will make site visitors come back for more, as well as following webmaster guidelines by Google.

Some website owners make use of black hat SEO techniques to gain popularity. However, Google is strict in identifying websites that use these schemes. When caught, websites using black hat SEO strategies will eventually suffer the consequences of poor SEO.

Keyword Search

Your site’s SEO strength may revolve around using the right keywords. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose keywords that will drive traffic to your website.

To know which ones to use, you may need to check on a competitor’s website and then determine which keywords could result in high traffic for your website. Of course, merely adding keywords on the page will not help if they aren’t used naturally.

On a final note, an SEO audit needs to be conducted at the start of the site’s creation, and at regular intervals thereafter. That way, you can monitor the inner workings of your site – especially if it’s already a huge one – and address potential SEO issues that may arise.