As Bots Imitate Humans, How Do Users Stay Secure?

Bots are getting better and better at imitating humans. People are rushing to generate new types of "bot-or-not" tests, as old methods of identifying bots are no longer working. Some bots are even able to identify Captchas, the wiggly letters Read More →

Best Security Suites of 2012

Every security vendor has released their new security suite for the new, ongoing year. These security suites have a range of prices, starting from $40 to something like $90, but just to clarify one point, it is not absolutely essential Read More →

Weird Security Products That You’ve Never Seen

When you are dealing with data, be it sensitive or fully protected, you will always find the need to protect it. For some time now, all computer users primarily focused passwords to help them keep their data safe. But this Read More →

How to Secure Your Hotspot Session

If you are constantly finding yourself using public hotspots, this is one article that you would not want to miss out on. Many people use public WiFi hotspots in areas like airports, coffee houses etc. However, the problem comes in Read More →

What is a VPN? How Can it Help Me Secure My WiFi?

A VPN is a virtual private network. This is a type of network that uses a public infrastructure network to offer remote users with access to an organizational network. Many of the top companies use this network as it is Read More →

Lookout for Android Powered Devices

Make sure you aren’t fooled by Lookout’s green interface and its non-alarming vibes that it gives off. They will seriously put you off otherwise. Lookout, which will cost you approximately $3 a month, offers one powerful solution to any threat Read More →
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