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Opera Mobile 11.5.5 for Android Smartphones

Opera Mobile has come a long way in its developments. Now, we find that it has come out with its eleventh version of their web browser, which comes to say a lot about their dedication and devotion. There are some Read More →

Garmin for Android – Useful Apps in More than One Area of Your Life

This creation of Garmin’s products was based on five principles: convenience, innovation, performance, service and value. The main goal was to develop navigation and communication gadgets that can more than satisfy their Read More →

Reclaim Your Battery Life with Juice Defender

Are you trying to get some battery life back? Trying to reclaim the life of your battery? We have a solution to this little problem of yours and it comes in the shape of Juice Defender. The Juice Defender has Read More →

Net10 Unlimited Plan To Save Your Money

Net10 has launched its unlimited plan this month and this can be a good deal for customers. With only $50 per month, you're going to get country wide coverage and limitless talk, text, and data service. You will get it Read More →

Kogan Agora | The World’s Second Google Android Mobile Handset

Australian based Kogan Technologies are set to launch the world’s second handset powered by the Google Android operating system. The T-Mobile G1 captured all the headlines by being the world’s Read More →

Nokia launches ‘iPhone killer’ Nokia N97 Smart Phone

This tuesday, mobile phone giants Nokia released its new smart phone; Nokia N97 at the Nokia World 2008 conference. The company claims that this mobile phone is the worlds Read More →
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