Android Operating System Is Attracting Large Extent of Users

World of today is contracting with the rapid growth of cell phone technology. With the increasing number of users facilities are also increasing. This phenomenon started with simple ordinary handsets that used only for making calls, these mobiles have completely Read More →

Ice Cream Sandwich Anyone? Android 4.0 Review

The Android 4.0 made its way to the market with the help of its flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Android 4.0 has made previous versions look ridiculous. The Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) seems to be one of the few Read More →

Big G (Google) Got a Face Lift – Have you Noticed?

Google has got a brand new homepage today, however just before you ask yourself just what new features it has included, the company has truly just structured things further mainly because it aims to speed up getting you to the Read More →

How to Prepare Yourself For The Next Panda Update

Considering the on-going rollout of Panda updates, Google continue to make webmasters freak out at every single variance in rank. Frequently is a temporary influence on rankings, however it can lead to some sites losing visibility for longer. There is simply Read More →

How To Add Inline Images in Email Using Gmail

No doubt Gmail is one of the most popular email clients available. In the recent past Gmail has added several new and exciting features some of which include; Smileys, ability to Read More →

Download Google Books with Google Books Downloader

google_logoGoogle Books archive is the best thing available for students on the Internet which also fades the charm of Wikipedia with a lead. These books are not only worth Read More →
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