Firefox Tips

3 Tips for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a great open-sourced web browser and it is used by almost everyone who uses a computer. If you are aware of some of the best plug-ins and extensions available on the net, you will simply Read More →

How To Open Multiple Home Pages in Firefox Simultaneously?

This is perhaps the best feature I have found inside Firefox. Firefox has this unique ability to open multiple home pages simultaneously on the same window through separate tabs. I find this trick quite useful and time saving, because it allows Read More →

How to Launch Firefox Instantly?

firefox-logoDoes your Firefox take too much time to load? By loading we mean that it takes a lot of time to open when you click the Firefox button. Read More →

Optimize Firefox for Broadband users | How To

Did you know that Firefox by default is optimized for Dial up users?  But even dial up users can further enhance their browsing speed to up to 150 times its normal by tweaking it. However, if Read More →

With gui:config you can edit Firefox about:config Preferences in a User Friendly GUI

firefox-logo-pngFor the past few weeks, we have been discussing firefox more than ever before. The reason behind this is that Firefox is one of the most powerful browser ever Read More →
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