Firefox Tips

3 Tips for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a great open-sourced web browser and it is used by almost everyone who uses a computer. If you are aware of some of the best plug-ins and extensions available on the net, you will simply Read More →

How To Open Multiple Home Pages in Firefox Simultaneously?

This is perhaps the best feature I have found inside Firefox. Firefox has this unique ability to open multiple home pages simultaneously on the same window through separate tabs. I find this trick quite useful and time saving, because it allows Read More →

Automatically Save Download Files From Firefox To Desired Location Via Automatic Save Folder

Have you ever thought how useful add-ons or plug-ins are? They can simplify a lot of your work and all you have to do is to download them on to your system. There are over tons of Firefox add-ons that Read More →

Get rid of Toolbar Notes in Firefox

I have seen people, though less in number who dislike floating boxes that provide you with help and/or information when ever you hover your mouse over them. For example, if you hover you mouse over the refresh/reload button, a small box Read More →

Faster Refreshing for Live Bookmarks in Firefox

firefox-logoDo you know how much time does Firefox takes to refresh live bookmarks? Yesterday, I asked some of my friends and about 80% of them said that it takes roughly 30-35 Read More →

How to Spell Check for All Text Areas in Firefox

firefox-logo-pngAhhh...! I have always been bad in spellings. It always horrified me when ever I was down to write something over the internet. I know I could have searched for spelling Read More →
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