uTorrent Acceleration Tool | Maximize Download Speed of uTorrent

Remember when we discussed about uTorrent for Mac? We said that uTorrent is one of the most popular bit torrent client used by hundred’s of thousands of users from all over the globe.

People love uTorrent, since it provides high speed connectivity with light weight usage. Although it is quite easy to download files when you are using a high speed connection.

However, there are still a large number of internet users who still don’t have a high speed connection facility. This may cause problems when downloading files from the web. Even if you are using a high speed connection, chances are that your bandwidth is not being used efficiently.

To solve this issue, you can download uTorrent Acceleration Tool, that optimizes your bandwidth and speeds up the downloading process, thus saving you a lot of precious minutes, even hours in some cases.

The uTorrent Acceleration tool is designed on a powerful traffic optimization algorithm, that optimizes your internet speed that performs in the IP network to increase the speed of traffic, taking minimum resource usage and no configuration effort.

How it Works?

The accelerator will be positioned between its program of sharing and network interface, which is automatically detected (network card, modem or ISDN card) and optimize traffic to facilitate the maximum speed to receive packet data. This is transparent to the P2P programs. The only thing that you should take care is to start the first accelerator and then the P2P program.

After you run the application, information will appear on your network, such as type, status, duration of use of the accelerator, profile and bytes sent or received.To speed up, just click on “Accelerate!” and to return to normal just click on it again.

uTorrent Acceleration Tool


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