Who wants to throw shoes at Bush? | 5 Flash Games

After ducking a pair of shoes hurled at him during a farewell news conference in Baghdad, United States President George W Bush is now up against online gamers.

Footage of the attack has already been viewed more than half a million times on video-sharing site YouTube, and the viral computer game is proving popular with internet users.

In case you were feeling a little guilty about mocking the incident (we know you weren’t), the background music of Bush soundbites set to music should remind you why it’s okay to laugh at Bush’s expense. W Bush sure got some reflexes. Let see whether you can beat him this time!

1). Bush Boot Camp – Play

2) Hit Bush With Shoes


3) Can you throw a shoe at bush?


4) Throw shoes at bush


5) The Official Bush Shoe Throw



  1. Juanita Rice