4 Excellent All-In-One Search Engines on the Web

Though Google, Yahoo, Windows live and many others play a very crucial part when it comes to searching a related content. Despite that All-in-One Search engines helps you harness the collective power of multiple search engines. These SE’s work by fetching and then compiling results from the above mentioned SE’s and then compiling them on a single page, with multiple links of each Search engines result.

Today we have compiled a list of some of the well known All-in-one SE’s on the web.



Scour too lets you search Google, Yahoo and Live from one place but there are a couple of unique features in Scour worth mentioning. First, it lets you sort search results by search engine if you are not too please if the default order.



Popular metasearch site owned by InfoSpace that sends a search to a customizable list of search engines, directories and specialty search sites, then displays results from each search engine individually.



Triplify take a slightly different when aggregating search results. It produces a summary (along with description) of the top results from Google, Yahoo and Live and arranges them in the same linear order.



This easy-to-remember address gathers results from Yahoo!, MSN, and Google. It takes the top 10 results from all engines and arranges them in a nice tabular layout. Which Seach Engine do you use the most?

Have you come across any other Search Engine that you want to share with us?  Let us know!