Edit High Resolution Pictures with Ease Using Adobe Lightroom 4

Adobe is known for its editing software like Photoshop etc, and it always the tool of choice when someone needs to edit a thing or two. This brings us on to Adobe Lightroom 4 – the software to be used when a professional and prosumer photographer is searching for a way to import, organize and edit a large number of high-res pictures. This is the newest version of the app, Lightroom 4. It adds several new features like a map to locate where you took a specific picture, improvement in the level of adjustment features, video tools, book creation, photo emailing etc. Lightroom 4 has been made a must-have app thanks to the reduced price, something around $150. That is one hell of a price cut.

Adobe always manages to bring an excellent workflow into their programs and it is no different for this photo-editing software. The interface was highly attractive with a clear design. There was a separate mode for different functions which made it less of a mess to use. Managing and organizing photos was simply amazing. It also adds the option of providing basic video editing. Also, the software provides corrections based on the camera and lenses that were used.

There were some problems with the app, most notably, the lack of face tagging. On top of that, there was limited zooming on pictures when editing with the interface not allowing you to carry out some specific tasks.

All in all, Adobe has done a great job of adding new apps into Lightroom 4 with the addition of better adjustment tools, book creation and basic editing features for videos. Adobe also adds maps to help you specify where you took a picture. All of this is offered with the new Lightroom, of course, with a lower price. If you take digital photography seriously, this is the one app you would want to get your hands on.

If you are looking to download Adobe Lightroom 4, you can visit their website.