In one of our previous articles, we gave you all a tutorial about how to split a PDF file. In this article, we will discuss and explain to you all how to merge multiple PDF files. We will be using PDFill Tool to merge multiple pdf files into one.

Try to have all of the PDF files in one folder as it will be easier to move back and forth and also grab them all at one time. Now get the PDFill Tool started up. Select the option that shows Merge PDF Files, which is the first option.

This will take you to the following window, which looks a little something like this.

Now all you have to do is drag the individual files into the window that is currently open by the program. They will most probably be out of order so it will be a good idea to re-order them. How will you do this? It is simple. Start off from the very bottom and highlight the PDF file you want to be in a different number. If you look to the right of list, you will see Move Up or Move Down buttons. Use this buttons accordingly to re-order them into a way that is perfect.

When you are ready, press the Save As option which will then bring along this window:

Give your file a name that will help you differentiate it from the file that you split earlier so you are not caught in some sort of a pickle. This file will automatically be saved into the same folder as where you save your split files (now you probably understand why we were telling you to save it under a different and distinguishable name).

We are hopeful this tutorial will help. For more, stay tuned with us on Skidzopedia.