Digital cameras have probably come out to be the best inventions ever because it is the easiest way to help you all preserve your memories. You can always buy expensive software to help edit them and what not, but honestly speaking, you do need of these editing programs. All you need is your Windows. If you are using Windows 7, then you have more than enough. You have Windows Live Photo Gallery. You can perform simple editing functions, sort them out and even view them in slideshows etc.

Let us help explore Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Go to Start. Search for Windows Live Photo Gallery and you will be presented with the program in the list. Click on it to get started.


Once you start it up, the program will automatically start to import pictures from all over your computer. If the program does not, you can always do it manually. Go to the blue box on the top left hand side. Click and scroll down to Import Photos and Videos. Then you will be presented with options from where you want to import pictures from. Feel free to choose what you like.


It is also useful to add descriptions and information about a picture. Add information that can be embedded into the picture itself. Double click on any picture and you will be given a new window with so many different tools. Here, you can add tags and descriptions about the picture and you can also edit the color, noise reduction, retouch it etc.


On the other hand, if you right click on the picture, you can go to its Properties and even add additional information on it from here. You can also enjoy the experience of rating it and adding comments if you like.


As you can see from the third image, Windows Live Photo Gallery has introduced many editing features for you to enjoy. So say goodbye to all those complicated editing software and welcome Photo Gallery to your life. Image Courtesy: AddictiveTips