How To Find The IP Address Of The Sender In Windows Live Mail, Gmail Or Yahoo! Mail

When you get an email from someone, you always get more than one mail at that one time. The email usually comes with headers that deliver important information that tells you where the email was dispatched from and for whom it was sent. For this, you need to figure out the IP address of the sender and below, are the different procedures of going about it.

How To Find The IP in Windows Live Mail

Log onto your Windows Live account with your own user name and password. Open your inbox. To get the headers to be visible, right-click on the email message that you received and select the View Source option.

This will bring up a new page which states the header content with a lot of detail.

Now, look for the field Received: from. Follow this by the IP address as well, which will be mentioned in square brackets.

If you have more than one Received: from header, then you will want to get rid of the ones that have in it.

How To Find The IP in Gmail

Log on to your Gmail, again, with your own username and password. Open up your inbox again. Display the email headers by clicking on the Reply drop-down list. Select Show Original and this is what you will get:

Look for received: from again and this will be followed by the IP address within square brackets again.

If you come across more than one Received: from pattern, choose the very last one you see.

How To Find The IP in Yahoo! Mail

Access your Yahoo Mail account by entering your username and password. Go to your inbox or whatever folder has your mails saved. Open any one mail. The headers will not be displayed if you don’t see it above the mail message. Display the headers by clicking on the drop-down Standard Header box and select the Full Header option.

Look for Received: from again, and the IP address will be next to it, and you guessed it, in square brackets. If there are several different Received: from entries, you want to select the very last one. If there aren’t any at all, choose the first IP you see in X-Originating-IP.

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