72+ Best Photography WordPress Themes For Photographers

I am sure you heard the quote, “A picture is worth a thousand words” – it sure is! However sharing pictures with your friends and family was never easy, uptill now; with the recent advancement of cell phone and camera technology, taking pictures and sharing with friends has become a lot easier. There are different platforms where we can share the unforgettable moments, such as blogs, on social media, and other photo sharing sites.

For most of us, sharing on facebook and twitter is more than enough, however, unlike most people the same doesn’t stand true for professional photographers and other enthusiasts. Apart from sharing pictures on social media sites, they also need a portfolio to display their work to the clients, for that they need a website and a theme that is best suited to display their portfolio.

Similarly there are trending WordPress blogs as well that showcases various types of Photography. These blogs showcases certain creativity and shows how artistic the publisher is. Galleries made through photography blogs are organized depending on the blog’s theme.

Below are 72+Excellent Photography WordPress themes that suits well with photography.

1 – Photocrati

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This one is our favourite and HIGHLY recommended. Photocrati offers several homepage styles and also allows you to manage the entire blog and gallery management with ease. It comes with integrated SEO, and protects your posts from copyright. It allows you to do customizations without even worrying about coding.

You can get theme for $79.

2 – Skylab

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Skylab wordpress theme

Skylab offers block-style interface designed for mostly photographers and illustrators. The highly fascinating visual design can accommodate multiple number of images at a variety of sizes.

It is very much stylish and professional, responsive and retina ready making it more accessible whether you are in a desktop or a smartphone or tablet. It also comes with demo content and a “one-click install” option making it much faster to be integrated on your site.

You can also customize the typography as it comes with Google Fonts giving you a huge selection of fonts. This theme also gives custom backgrounds and unlimited colors for you to bring more visual attracting design.

Theme costs $45 as a single end product.

3 – Full screen

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full screen wordpress theme

Full Screen allows your artworks to be exhibited to the next level as it provides several of features that will make your photos stand out to the entire website. Theme also has a responsive layout, allowing wide range of devices to view your page.

It supports full screen gallery that comes with swipe feature or auto play. It allows you to put a custom welcome message. It comes with various list of layout options. You can also choose up to 4 footer widget columns, making you save space for your posts. It also come with 7 theme skins and also with child theme support.

This photography wordpress theme can be purchased for $79 and it has a 30 day money back guarantee just in case you don’t like it.

4 – Expression

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expression wordpress theme

Expression is a very powerful responsive theme that will truly showcase your fascinating artworks. It is best suited for designers that use portfolios to present and show off their photographs. This theme is powered by Pexeto Panel, wherein you can manage the entire arrangement, layout, slider settings and the whole entire view of your site.

You can customize the image sizes, provides you unlimited gallery pages, and allows you to do social sharing to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest. It comes with huge selection of skins for you to manage the color accent and different background patterns for your page.

You can get the theme for $55.

5 – Invictus

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Invictus wp theme

Invictus is an ultra-responsive layout that will make your site pleasing to the senses and will showcase your artworks as it allows your images to be organized in a photographer portfolio. It allows your pictures to be posted in a full screen manner and or in a video gallery.

It is 100% responsive as it adjusts layout to look great and accessible to any devices like smartphones, and tablets. It comes with 600+ Google Fonts and provide you real-time support.

Theme can be purchased for $45.

6 – Galerie

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Galerie wp theme

Galerie is a best theme for photo enthusiasts and professionals in field of photography. This theme allows a large thumbnail viewer and also you can let people or your readers like the post.

This theme is also responsive to all layout devices and also comes with comprehensive SEO management system making your content easier to be found on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

This theme can be purchased for $59.

7 – Source

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Source wordpress theme

Source is also a very responsive theme and provides plenty of customization options. You can resize the background and it supports thumbnail images and video gallery. You can avail of its real-time support just in case assistance is needed.

You can get the theme as it costs $49.

8 – Cherry

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Cherry Photography WordPress Theme

9 – Femto

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10 – Page of Fashion

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Page of Fashion Photographer WordPress Theme

11 – Omega

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12 – Construction Company

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construction Photography WordPress Theme

13 – Photex

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14 – Quantum

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15 – Match

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16 – uEvent

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17 – Photogenic

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18 – Omm

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19 – Eternity

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20 – Booth

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Booth Photography WordPress Theme

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