Top 10 Content Writing Services for Publishers and Writers

The use of a resourceful writing service is a fantastic way of getting quality content. They can be used when publishing a blog, when using a magazine article to get a name established or simply distributing a paper by mail. Quality writers are very knowledgeable when it comes to research, grammar as well as spelling.

They are also very good at including keywords in their writing. The use of content writing services is more effective as writing your own may not bring the desired results. Professionals know what to do; therefore writing is best left to writers with experience.

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Below are the top ten content writing services which offer excellent services to various freelancers.

1 – iWriter


iWriter is a great writing service used by many people as there is no limit to how much one can write as well as how much one can request for a written material. Writers get paid via Paypal after providing a credible Paypal email address. In each article, writers get paid 81% of the article`s price. The amount paid depends on the amount of words written per article.

The price of an article also depends on the type of writer handling the article that can either be a standard, premium, elite or elite plus. There are also special requests where the requester sends a request to a particular writer. Writers get a chance to review requesters and requesters also get the opportunity to review the writers. We highly recommend this service. For further details, visit their site where one can freely register.

2 – HireWriter


Hirewriters is an excellent site where unique web content of any kind can be ordered. People all over the world are realizing the importance of quality content when integrating their websites in various search engines and thereby developing their webs activities broadly. Hirewriter contains features that are well organized, making it very easy for one to find what they are looking for.

There is a 25% bonus awarded to every new customer. From articles, to ebooks, to rewrites of other articles, hirewriter is suited to provide quality content which fits all the customer`s budgets. If one I not satisfied with the result, they can always request for a revision. The requester can even give the writer notes on what to research on. Customers also get to request for articles from their favorite writers.

3 – Textbroker

text broker

Textbroker writers deliver high quality written work faster and at competitive pricing. From product descriptions, to technical content, to blog posts, writers working with textbroker provide unique content that attracts any user, thereby increasing the user`s search engines rankings.

A requester can also get content from native speakers in over ten different languages. Registration here is free of charge. All one has to do is select the desired quality of the project and order type and place the order.

4 – ConstantContent

constent content

This is a website where web content can be sold or bought. A writer can earn a living out of ConstantContent. Here, there is a great amount of freedom to write about whatever one wants as opposed to following guidelines given to the writer. This freedom gives the writers a sense of entrepreneurial instincts.

The buyers are also of a wide variety. Writers here learn to proofread their work and learn to produce more carefully written work. Since writing for less money us demotivating, constant content gives the writers a chance to write their own work, set a reasonable cost for the article and wait for potential clients who may be willing to buy the same. Visit Constant Content.

5 – Contently


The mission behind the starting Contently was to empower publishers, readers as well as journalists. They develop software which enables their clients to tell amazing stories to those who may need them. Through this, people are able to make a living doing what they have a passion for. They make freelancer portfolios so that their writers are able to exhibit their work in an easy manner.

6 – Odesk/Upwork

upwork odesk

This is a global online writing service that connects clients to professionals who understand the true meaning This is a global online writing service that connects clients to professionals who understand the true meaning of freelancing. They aim at providing a social and economic value for an online workplace in order to succeed.

Upwork has two parts; elance and odesk, each creating paths for great accomplishments. With over nine million professional writers, one billion worth of workload, three million jobs posted annually and four million registered clients, upwork is the place to be.

7 – Elance


Elance is very easy to work with for both freelancers and clients. Posting a job her is free and takes very few minutes. Elance also recommends freelancers that are suited for the job that the clients are requesting for.

They take care of everything needed for the job from payments to the collaboration tools. Only the work that is approved is paid for and they ensure security of payment.

8 – Zerys


Most clients testify that indeed, Zerys offers their products at affordable prices and is also a great time saver. With their newly improved design, their site is mobile friendly. There are no signing up fees in order to take up jobs at Zerys. However, during application, the final stage requires a potential writer to submit a written sample which must be unique.

Writers are required to produce high quality written work to increase their ratings. They also have an answer site known as Yoexpert where writers can ask questions from experts in various fields.

9 – Fiverr


Fiverr is an online workplace that offers tasks and services. All jobs range from $5 to $500. There are more than three million jobs listed on Fiverr. Services offered include graphic design, writing, video writing, translation and programming.

Fiverr supports the buying and selling of gigs online as well as micro-jobs. If the seller completes ten transactions, they are able to add more services thus their gigs have more value.

10 – 99CentArticles


They offer package deals to suit one`s marketing demands. They understand the needs of the client and that’s why they have been rated as one of the best article writing services. They have press release writers use the latest technological techniques to get to as many people as possible. One can save a lot of money by using this site.They have over 20 article writer employees who submit them every day. This is an effective way of moving one`s business to a whole new level. Visit 99CentArticles

This are the best writing services which offer a platform where the future of media is established. As more people indulge into the field of freelancing, great strides are made in empowerment of both readers and writers.

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