Five Ways Technology Is Entertaining You

People love to be entertained. If you’re not being entertained then it’s pretty likely that you are bored. It seems as though these days if you aren’t connected somehow boredom easily sets in.

There are a great many ways in which technology works to keep you entertained, from within your living room to right in your hands. Here are five ways that technology could be entertaining you, and how to make the most of it.

Mobile Devices

Your mobile devices, whether it’s a phone or a tablet, can be the perfect piece of entertainment for at home or on the go. No longer are phones just communication devices, they are fun for playing games, taking photos and videos, and more.

You can also use your phone or tablet for reading your favorite books or newspapers, and even for listening to some tunes. There are apps galore that you can download to keep yourself, or the kids busy.

Mobile devices offer so much, in fact, that you can even keep up on your favorite TV shows with your Netflix or Hulu, no television needed.


Playing Games

It can be fun to play games on your tablet or smartphone. It gives you something to do while you are waiting in line at the DMV or anyplace else that is super boring and calls for some entertainment.

Game play, however, is far more fun on a gaming system inside a nice big living room where you can get some good fitness in to Just Dance or Wii Sports. While you can still play all those sit down games, it’s nice to get up and move.

You can also get that gaming entertainment online with things like World Of Warcraft. Just expect to purchase a new expansion packs here and there. And, expect to get addicted and spend hours playing.

Watching TV

Televisions are far more affordable now than in the past few years, so it’s the perfect time to invest in a big screen TV. All the better to watch movies on. You should also invest in a good BluRay player with Wifi so you can watch your Netflix without hassle.

If you are an addict when it comes to shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, you will definitely want to learn about the advantages of a Direct TV Genie, the new HD DVR, which lets you record more programming at once than other DVRs. The Direct TV Genie also allows you to schedule DVR recordings using your phone or computer even when you aren’t at home. Set your DVR to record a show once and you won’t have to reschedule recordings for the following weeks.


You already know all about computer gaming, but there is far more you can do for entertainment online. Watch movies, play games, read books, or even write your own book. One fun thing to do is hit up YouTube and watch old music videos.

You should also use your computer for help with entertainment outside your home. Check for movie times, see what’s going on at the local museum, or find out if there is a good band coming around.

The Future

The future of entertainment is here, from people downloading all of their favorite shows and movies, to the Apple Watch. One really neat future idea is about combining shopping experiences with TV and movies, where a fan that loves a pair of shoes or shirt on a star can click on that item to purchase it. Who needs QVC?

Technology is great. It keeps you connected to people all over the world, helps you find new friends, and even helps you work from the comfort of your own couch. Plus, you get instant entertainment, no matter where you are.