Top 10 Keyword Research tools

If you are trying to make money online, you should be familiar with keyword research. This is more applicable to specialized fields like SEO, affiliate marketing, internet marketing etc. And to perform keyword research, you need to use some tools.

There are a lot of keyword research tools available online. While all of them make big promises, you can’t possibly use them all. You need to know which tools perform the best and choose the most appropriate one.

To make it easier for you, I have made a list of the top ten keyword research tools. Let’s see which they are, shall we?

1 – Long Tail Pro [More info]

longtail-pro-1Long Tail Pro is one of the most renowned keyword research tools available right now. Developed by Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits, this tool comes with a handy competition analysis feature, which can save you hours of manual research. With a single click, you can get valuable competitor analytics including PA, DA, title, PR, number of backlinks, domain age etc.

The resulting keywords could be filtered in various ways like amount of local or global searches, CPC, and advertiser competition. The exact match domain check feature will come in handy for checking out the available domains. You can also check out the ranking of your site and various keywords.

2 – SEMRush [More info]

When it comes to SEO tools, SEMRush is one of the most popular choices. And keyword research is a core feature of the service. Detailed information like the search volume, CPC, number of results, trends etc. will help you identify the most appropriate keywords for your SEO campaigns.

What’s more, you will get a complete list of the related keywords and phrase matches. These resources cold be extremely useful in optimizing your content. You can easily find out lots of long tail keywords from your top keywords simply by sorting the search volume in ascending order. Last but not the least; you can also get multi-lingual keywords from SEMrush.

3 – SEcockpit [More info]

SEcockpit is a popular and reliable online tool for finding profitable keywords and analyzing the existing competition. Delivering results in a super speedy way is one of the major features of this tool. It claims to deliver about 200 fully processed results within a minute. With support for full SEO campaigns, you will be able to keep track of every aspect of the process right from your dashboard.

Additionally, you can also view a fully analyzed top ten result for any keyword. As there is a standalone mobile app, you can continue keyword research even when you are away. The in-depth training materials and expert support will help you to get started quickly.

4 – Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool  [More info]

Moz is another well-known brand in the SEO industry. And the keyword difficulty and SERP analysis tool is a critical feature of their SEO services. By using the tool, you can instantly get the top 10 results for any keyword along with a carefully calculated difficulty score.

The detailed analysis will help you take the decision whether the keyword is right to target or not. Once you become a pro subscriber, you can save up to 300 keywords for regular tracking. What’s more, you can easily export the whole data as CSV file to organize them according to your own preferences.

5 – SERPWoo [More info]

SERPWoo is a leading SERP monitoring service. It also offers an excellent keyword research feature. The simple and easy to use feature allows you to find out the ranking domains for each keyword and export the result. You will also get relevant keywords for your main keyword, which will be a great help for finding potential long tail variations.

Thanks to the real time filters, you don’t have to reload the page for changing various parameters like search volume, competition, and CPC. It is also possible to create as many reports as you want for the keywords.

6 – WordTracker [More info]

WordTracker is a highly popular online tool for revealing high value keywords for your SEO campaigns. The simple, beginner-friendly interface will enable you to perform the research in a faster way. The huge database of search engine keywords and unique WordTracker keywords are the main reason why the tool can provide such accurate and speedy results. Thanks to the related keywords feature, you will be able to find out relevant keywords as well.

The extensive keyword research process will help you to find out new niche opportunities and analyze the competition. Once you become a customer, you will get access to various methods of support including blogs, e-books, webinars, step-by-step video instructions etc.

7 – Keyword Spy [More info]

If you are looking for a complete keyword research and competition tracker solution, Keyword Spy could be an excellent solution for you. This popular online service allows you to get the latest updates about your competitors, the keywords they use along with running your own keyword research projects.

As you will also get access to similar terms and related keywords, it is also easy to find out new opportunities from your main keywords. The built-in ROI indicator will give you an idea about the profitability of your keywords. And if you want, you can also get detailed reports about the top sites and their keywords in any online industry.

8 – Market Samurai [More info]

Market Samurai is another very popular keyword research tool. This tool is created by Noble Samurai, a renowned internet marketing company. This powerful SEO tool comes with all the necessary options for conducting your keyword research within a short period of time.

As the tool gets the information directly from Google, you can rest assured that you are getting the most relevant information only. The SEO competition feature enables you to measure the competitiveness of your chosen keywords and also to find out low competitive keywords.

9 – JAAXY [More info]

And if your goal is to find out a different type of keyword research tool, you can definitely consider JAAXY as one of your top choices. This advanced tool comes with solid, effective features to uncover lucrative keywords. Thanks to the innovative Parallel Results Technology, you can easily get detailed competition analysis for your keywords.

The easy filtering options will enable you to find out the most relevant results within a short period of time. It does not matter what type of device you use, you can continue your keyword research from anywhere. JAAXY works perfectly from laptop, desktop, mac, iOS and Android devices. It also helps you to track the ranking of your keywords from different pages.

10 – SEOmonitor [More info]

When it comes to getting effective results within a short period of time, SEOmonitor’s automatic keyword research tool is one of the best in the industry. The smart tool will automatically determine the relevant phrases for your websites.

The automatic grouping feature will allow you to check out the potential for the keywords. It is possible to track total visits for the groups and measure the ROI. Like other similar tools, you will also get the necessary data including search volume, current rankings, average CPC etc. for each individual keyword.


So, these were the best keyword research tools for finding profitable, attractive keywords. Now it’s your turn to let me know which one is your favorite. How many of these tools have you used personally? And which one you like the most? Let me know by leaving a comment below.