Apple to Preview iPhone OS 3 Details Coming March 17th

iphone-3gYes, you heard it; in the upcoming week, Apple is planning for holding an event for iPhone 3.0 OS dated March 17th. Many rumors are floating all over the web as to what will be included in the update.

Although, no one is dead sure and awaits desperately for March 17th to arrive, still there are some expected or partially confirmed features that will be available in iPhone 3.0 OS, for instance there are rumors that it will have MMS (Multimedia Support), a shared Sandbox which builds a shared data area that apps can drop “public” files into, better power management, enhanced home screen customization.


It has also been rumored that Tethering via Bluetooth and USB will also be made available in the upcoming update. In addition to this, there are also rumours that Apple will be adding a copy paste feature which has been one of the most demanding feature by the iPhone fans and is expected to be seen in this edition.

Apple is really behind in the game of picture messaging and the ability to copy-and-paste would turn the iPhone into a true Kindle killer. No information on the OS is available at this point, but we are expecting to hear quite a bit about it at a March 17 press event. We speculate that this will undoubtedly be a wonderful day for iPhone lovers and developers alike.

What are your views on this eventful day?


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