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Portable Anonymous Opera Browsing with OperaTor

Do you ever need to surf the web anonymously? Many people prefer to browse anonymously, it not only protects your privacy and your identity by preventing cyber criminals from detecting your personal information but also hides your IP address so Read More →

Reset the Master Password in Opera | How To

operaAfter sharing how to reset Master password on Firefox, I got several emails requesting me if I could teach them how to reset a Master Password on Opera. Therefore Read More →

15 Excellent Photoshop Brush Sets

Adobe Photoshop, is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems. It is the primary market leader for commercial bitmap and image manipulation software, and is the flagship product of Adobe Systems. However, the software itself is Read More →

Install uTorrent Portable onto your USB Drive | How To

utorrent_logoPortable applications is not a new concept, but as the technology becomes smaller in size and larger in capacity and performance, people are becoming more prone towards Portable applications. The major advantage Read More →

Wish You All a Very Happy New Year!

happy-new-year-2009The Year 2008 has finally ended and we have stepped in 2009. I would like to thank all my readers for their support and for their participation on my blog, surely Read More →

Huge Collection of Proxy Sites | A-Z

Many schools, universities, offices, ISPs and countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, Burma, Iran, North Korea, Vietnam ,Cuba, Syria, Tunisia ,Uzbekistan, Egypt, Belarus and Turkmenistan don't allow their surfers to access some web sites which them deem inappropriate. Here is Read More →

Prozilla Download Accelerator for Linux

You must have used different types of Download Accelerators to download large chunks of files onto your system. They not only make your work simpler but also makes it more smoother and lightning fast, compared with traditional downloaders. Windows users should Read More →

20 Excellent RapidShare Search Engines

Rapidshare is one of the most popular and largest file sharing platform, with millions of files on its servers. I have been using Rapidshare for some time now, one flaw that I found with the system was that Read More →

Now access Digg at Places where it is Blocked

diggDigg is a popular social bookmarking network, used by millions of users world wide. But what if you are on a world tour and find yourself unable to access Read More →
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