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Huge Collection of Proxy Sites | A-Z

Many schools, universities, offices, ISPs and countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, Burma, Iran, North Korea, Vietnam ,Cuba, Syria, Tunisia ,Uzbekistan, Egypt, Belarus and Turkmenistan don't allow their surfers to access some web sites which them deem inappropriate. Here is Read More →

Prozilla Download Accelerator for Linux

You must have used different types of Download Accelerators to download large chunks of files onto your system. They not only make your work simpler but also makes it more smoother and lightning fast, compared with traditional downloaders. Windows users should Read More →

20 Excellent RapidShare Search Engines

Rapidshare is one of the most popular and largest file sharing platform, with millions of files on its servers. I have been using Rapidshare for some time now, one flaw that I found with the system was that Read More →

Now access Digg at Places where it is Blocked

diggDigg is a popular social bookmarking network, used by millions of users world wide. But what if you are on a world tour and find yourself unable to access Read More →

Recover Stored Passwords in Google Chrome with ChromePass | How To

chromeSince the day Google rolled out their open-source web browser, Google Chrome, it's becoming more and more popular among the community and if this pace keeps on, then surely one day Read More →

10 Most Popular Firefox Dark Themes

It's easy to get lost when finding a Firefox theme that suits your needs. Browsing through some of the most popular themes out there can become a very arduous task for some. If you love Dark and Black Read More →

Get Twitter Themes and Backgrounds for Free

Remember when we talked about Twitbacks? A site that enables you to give a customized new look to your twitter profile, in case you have got bored of the default themes present in twitter. Today, we'll share with you some Read More →

Stop Windows From Automatic Reboot And Shutdown | How To

Have you come across instances where your windows reboots each time your update your windows, or install a new software? Windows most of the time is getting updates each time you get online. What if you have been infected by Read More →

20 Free Photoshop Textures Sources

Textured graphics are obviously very popular right now, and fortunately there are tons of free Photoshop textures that will help you to quickly and easily get the textured look you want. In this collection, 20 Free Photoshop Texture and Shapes Read More →