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20 Free Photoshop Textures Sources

Textured graphics are obviously very popular right now, and fortunately there are tons of free Photoshop textures that will help you to quickly and easily get the textured look you want. In this collection, 20 Free Photoshop Texture and Shapes Read More →

ImageTweak lets you Zoom, Drag and Display Images

If you are looking for ways to view images by zooming deep into them, or just want to drag them across your monitor screen, or you want to choose a Read More →

Find IP Address and Location of an Email | How To

Scam and different types of frauds are getting common these days. People try all sorts of nasty tricks to wangle as much personal information from their target as they can. Due to technical advancement and awareness programmes, people from all around Read More →

How to Recover Your Master Password | Firefox Tips

firefoxRemember the last time we discussed on how to secure your passwords in Firefox? In case you have missed the post, take a look here. We said that by Read More →

Fix ‘Cannot Delete Folder/File’, ‘File In Use’ or ‘Access Is Denied’ Errors in Windows Using Unlocker | How To

Have you ever come across errors such as 'Access denied' or 'Source file is being used by another person or program' while deleting any file or folder? These types of errors generally occur while the system is using that program or Read More →

15 Most Funniest Gadgets

1. USB Finger Dance Mat

“Boredom in the office is something that happens all too often. But now we have the best boredom cure ever - this addictive Read More →

Top Collection of Photoshop Tutorials Resources

Adobe Photoshop, is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems. It is the primary market leader for commercial bitmap and image manipulation software, and is the flagship product of Adobe Systems. However, the software itself is Read More →

Access Flickr in Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China and other banned Countries

Countries like China, UAE, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Internet Censorship is inevitable. Their government has full control over the internet and has blocked sites like flickr, YouTube and many social Read More →

Set Firefox To Clear Cache, Temp Files, History on Shut Down | How To

firefoxFirefox is one the best browsers ever created and the reason why so many people like this browser is that not only it gives your complete control over your preferences, but Read More →