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How To Bring Order to Your Bookmarks | FireFox Tips

Yesterday, we covered Firefox's Tab - if you have missed that post take a look. Today, we will discuss about FireFox bookmarks. If you are in a habit of creating a lot of bookmarks but don't get the Read More →

How to Access and Backup Firefox Registry

Lately, we were getting many mails to teach you how to make a backup of your Firefox's registry. Here is a quick tutorial on how to access and then make a back up of your Firefox registry, in case you Read More →

Top 10 Google Chrome Themes | Editor’s Pick

From the day when it was released, Google chrome has become quite popular among the community. Although Chrome lacks plug-ins and other functions, nonetheless it might one day be able to compete with Firefox. After Read More →

An Insight on FireFox’s Tabs | FireFox Tips

Today, we will take a look at Firefox's most appreciated feature; i.e the ability to view multiple pages by clicking the tab. You don't necessarily have to click your mouse when ever you want to open a new Read More →

New Fiction: Free Audio Books for iPhone, PC or PDA Device

Ever heard of iSoaps? No!? Well, iSoaps are modern time audio dramas typically performed as a serial on the Internet, a cell phone, MP3 player or an iPhone (or iPod). A really cool free audio books site called Read More →

Enjoy Video Conferencing with Camfrog

camfrog Chatting online with your friends is among the common ways to stay connected with your friends and family. But with the enhancement in technology, people prefer to talk to their loved Read More →

11 Proxy Add-ons for secure Surfing | Firefox Tips

Today, we will discuss proxy surfing. What is Proxy Surfing? Basically, when you move to a site your information is sent to another service, that service sends your information to another place, same goes for retrieving the information. The main advantage Read More →

Dress Firefox to Look Like Google Chrome

firefoxchromeAre you tired of Firefox's default look? You must have already tried all sorts of FireFox themes and still haven't got your fill. Do you wish to dress up Read More →