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Android Operating System Is Attracting Large Extent of Users

World of today is contracting with the rapid growth of cell phone technology. With the increasing number of users facilities are also increasing. This phenomenon started with simple ordinary handsets that used only for making calls, these mobiles have completely Read More →

The World of Touch Technology

A revolution is upon us. With gadgets like Apple tablets, Android smartphones, Microsoft’s Surface tablet, there are multiple interface devices that have provided us with the ability to control computer just by making simple hand gestures, something that was only Read More →

Ice Cream Sandwich Anyone? Android 4.0 Review

The Android 4.0 made its way to the market with the help of its flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Android 4.0 has made previous versions look ridiculous. The Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) seems to be one of the few Read More →

Opera Mobile 11.5.5 for Android Smartphones

Opera Mobile has come a long way in its developments. Now, we find that it has come out with its eleventh version of their web browser, which comes to say a lot about their dedication and devotion. There are some Read More →

Dolphin Browser HD 7.3 for Android

To some the user experience of the latest version of the Dolphin Browser, I must say it is simply killer. The customized gestures that it brings, along with the all new themes, is surely to bring a smile on your Read More →

Garmin for Android – Useful Apps in More than One Area of Your Life

This creation of Garmin’s products was based on five principles: convenience, innovation, performance, service and value. The main goal was to develop navigation and communication gadgets that can more than satisfy their Read More →
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