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How To Monitor or Change the Temperature of Your Computer

Is your computer getting very hot while you use it? If your computer’s components have started reaching a point where their temperature is damaging, then you really need to use something helpful, called SpeedFan. This is a program Read More →

Microsoft Publicizes Explorer Touch Mouse – Pricing & Availability

Microsoft has publicized the availability and pricing of the latest hardware, that is new Explorer Touch Mouse that will join the old brand of touch series mouse including Microsoft Arch Touch & Touch Mouse. The Microsoft Explorer Read More →

New Slim Dell Inspiron Mini 12 Netbook

Despite being one of the most recently arrived players on the netbook market, Dell - a well known multinational company has introduced its new slim and stylish netbook - Dell Inspiron Mini 12, also known as Inspiron 1210. The specifications of Read More →

Toshiba unveils its Latest Portege R600 Ultra Portable Notebook

Toshiba, a leading company in mobile computing solutions, has unveiled a new portable notebook, named Portege R600. The Portege R600 may be the world’s lightest, fully featured laptop. Summary Read More →

Sony Announces New VAIO AW Series HD Notebook

Sony - A Japan based company, has officially revealed its new VAIO AW Series HD notebooks. The Sony VAIO AW is aimed at multimedia enthusiasts or photographers who like to view or edit high-definition content. The company claims this new Read More →

Dell’s Studio Hybrid – The Smallest, Nicest Desktop

Recently Dell launched their smallest desktops to the market, which is said to be 50% smaller, uses 70% less power than typical desktops and certainly more flexible than a typical Read More →