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How To Change Your Printer’s Status to Online in Mac and Laptop

Sometimes, things are not as simple as you want them to be. When you finish adding your printer from your USB or even from the network that you have set up on your personal computer, you can begin to send Read More →

How to Secure Your Hotspot Session

If you are constantly finding yourself using public hotspots, this is one article that you would not want to miss out on. Many people use public WiFi hotspots in areas like airports, coffee houses etc. However, the problem comes in Read More →

Microsoft Zune HD (32GB) 2nd Generation Portable MP3 Player

The original Microsoft Zune came out not too long ago and we all still remember what an epic fail it was. We were really disappointed to see Microsoft come out with something like that. Now, years have passed and we Read More →

[Mac] Wrap Mouse Movement Round The Screen Sides With Wrap-around

Moving mouse pointer over the computer screen to view some items scattered everywhere in the desktop gets frustratingly exhausting on large display monitors. To take care of this concern, you may either alter your mouse tracking speed or keep items Read More →

Anonymous Surfing with Firefox on a Mac

Last time we shared 11 proxy add-on for secure surfing using Firefox in Windows. This time we will teach you how to surf anonymously with Firefox on Mac OS X. Before we begin, Download the NeoTunnel DMG file Read More →
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