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How To Disable / Remove Shutdown From Windows 7 / Vista

Do you want your computer to never shut down? Do you wish to rip people of their ability of turning your computer off? If your answer is yes to both of these questions, then you have surely come to the Read More →

How To Change The Action Of Windows 7 / Vista Power Button

When you click on the Power button found in the Start Menu, it automatically goes into Sleep Mode. To turn your system off, you have to press the arrow that’s made right next to the Power Button and select the Read More →

How To Quick Launch the Application with Shortcut Keys in Windows

Windows has bestowed upon us many different features that play a vital role in maximizing user convenience. Besides, we all know it is all these little features that make Windows as user-friendly as it is. There are so many things Read More →

How To Disable/Remove Shutdown From Windows 7 / Vista

Some people want to prevent others from shutting their computers off for their own reasons. Also, there are also some people who want to connect their computer to a server and don’t want it to shut down either. There is Read More →
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