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How To Bring Back Missing Hibernate Option In Windows 7 / Vista

Many people are experiencing problems related to Windows Vista’s Hibernate function. The Hibernate function is one of Window’s power saving mode and many people have filed reports stating that the feature does not work. Hibernate is a feature on your Read More →

How To Lock and Password Protect Files in Windows 7 / Vista

Have you started to feel locking and password protecting your important files is more important than ever? If you are an administrator of computer network or if you have multiple accounts on Windows 7, then can prevent some important folders Read More →

How To Install Hardware Or Device Drivers Manually In Windows 7 / Vista

You have probably realized when you install a hardware or plug something new into your computer, Windows 7 and Vista both automatically select the best driver for that device. However, then there are times when you get a CD with Read More →

How To Disable Automatic Driver Installation in Windows 7 / Vista

Suppose you have just connected a device with your computer. As soon as you do this, Windows 7 and Vista will both start looking for a driver automatically and it will install it as well. If you want to select Read More →

How To Permanently Delete Windows Files With RightDelete

Deleting files from your computer is not as straight forward as it may seem at first. When you delete a file from your computer, it is not completely deleted. You may think that you totally emptied out your recycle bin Read More →

Ways to use Msconfig In Windows to Speed Up Windows Startup

Once we start our Windows computer then numerous other applications also start in addition to the system. Many of them are necessary system programs which might be meant for a successful Windows startup while a few are unwanted and could Read More →
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