OperaStumbler – StumbleUpon Toolbar for Opera

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site that allows the users to discover new sites according to there interest. People submit their posts to StumbleUpon and then they get graded depending upon whether people like it (thumbs up) or don’t like it (thumbs down). Its one of the best ways to get exposure to your blog site.

For the past few years, the toolbar that was used to rate different sites was only available for FireFox and Internet Explorer. Now there is a good news to all those who use Opera, as the toolbar is available for their browsers aswell.

According to the developers, the newer version will have more exciting features which include :

  • Stored stumbling preferences
  • Support for additional languages
  • Icons for button/menu version
  • Stumble pages from one member
  • Icons for button/menu version
  • Fraud protection for stumbles
  • Undo page rating
  • Share page with friends
  • Custom keyword stumbling.

To get started, you will need an account at StumbleUpon. If you already have an account, download the toolbar.