Target Specific Viruses – Download McAfee AVERT Stinger

McAfee has introduced yet another stand alone antivirus, called the McAfee Avert Stinger This application doesn’t actually help you in virus removal, but works as a helpful tool, in assisting users and administrators to deal with a specific virus.

McAfee Avert Stinger comes with its latest scanning Engine technology, including scan digitally signed DAT files, perform process scanning, and scan performance optimizations. In fact, this particular release comes with detection and repair for W32/Polip.

The interface is simple to use. Just select the drive, which you want to scan and click a button. You always have the option to choose to perform an action if a virus has been detected.

Did I mention that its free of cost? Thats right, you won’t be charged for this. If you are interested to view the detection for all known variants, visit, or else follow the link to download it.


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