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As Bots Imitate Humans, How Do Users Stay Secure?

Bots are getting better and better at imitating humans. People are rushing to generate new types of "bot-or-not" tests, as old methods of identifying bots are no longer working. Some bots are even able to identify Captchas, the wiggly letters Read More →

How Egnyte are leading the way in cloud storage

Cloud storage is rapidly becoming recognized as the only way to keep data completely secure while remaining fully accessible to authorized personnel. Storing in the cloud gives users access from anywhere and everywhere, provided they can input the correct log in Read More →

How To Lock and Password Protect a Folder in Windows 7

Are you in a phase in your life when you feel that locking a folder and topping it off with password protection would make you feel better? If the answer to this (awkward) question is yes, then this is where Read More →

How to Compress and Password Protect Files in Windows XP

Most of us don’t like getting into third party applications. If you’re using Windows XP, then you won’t have to get into that mess because it has its own decompression and compression support file, known as Compress Files and Folders, Read More →

How to Block a Program in Windows 7 Firewall

Are you one of those people who get annoyed by the constant prompt that pops up asking you to verify whether or not you want to run a program or not? Do you find it frustrating to suffice the digital Read More →

Tips for Securing a WiFi Hotspot

When you come across a public WiFi, you will notice that they are unsecured. I mean, if you think about it, WiFi hotspots are made to provide convenience to users by making it easier for them to connect and use Read More →
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