Websites Back in 1998

The end of twentieth Century brought a boom in the usage of Internet, while many sites began to emerge on the web, which now are at their peak of popularity and success. Its pretty amazing and interesting to know what these sites would have appeared if we would have visited them back in 1998.

Since technology and web designing was in its embryonic stages and was developing slowing by leaps and bounds, we could easily imagine how they would have looked like; where an animated GIF created such an incredible visual impact!

Here is a list of 8 websites as they appeared in 1998 compared with how they look in the present days.

Google 1998

Google 2008

Yahoo 1998

Yahoo 2008

Hotmail 1998

Hotmail 2008

Microsoft 1998

Microsoft 2008

Apple 1998

Apple 2008

Sun Microsystems 1998

Sun Microsystems 2008

Amazon 1998

Amazon 2008

Times 1998

Times 2008


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