Upload and Send upto 2 GB of Data over Internet

Always wanted to send larger files to your friends and family over the internet, but unable to send them through email?

Filemail comes with a solution and flexibility by allowing you to send files upto 2GB, without even spending a penny!

Summary of Features available:

  • Easily customize the times each file can be downloaded and how long will it be available on the site
  • Password protect your personal files
  • Get instant notifications when a file is downloaded
  • Ability to Upload multiple files simultaneously.
  • No sign-up or registration required.
  • Send ZIP and encrypt multiple files, on the go
  • Send upto 5 GB with Premium account, for $2.91/monthly
  • Or get a Corporate account of 25GB for $24.91/monthly, with additional benifits
  • No ads in the emails.
  • No restrictions on download bandwidth




  1. Rohitha
  2. Peter Unger