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How To Change the Start-up Programs in Windows 7

Windows 7 was released not too long ago, but one thing they did was introduce a lot of changes to the entire operating platform. Windows XP was fairly simple and so were all the preceding versions, starting from Windows 1.0 Read More →

3 Tips for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a great open-sourced web browser and it is used by almost everyone who uses a computer. If you are aware of some of the best plug-ins and extensions available on the net, you will simply Read More →

How to Change Some Files in your Hosting Account from Read and Write to Read Only so Your Files are Hack Proof

There are a million and one ways in which you can get hacked and even if you apply every single defense you can think about, there is no guarantee that your hosting account and the sites you host are safe. Read More →

How to Add Recycle Bin Icon to Windows 7 Taskbar

recyclebinIf Windows 7 is in your use for some time now, you might have noticed that it does not allow you to pin icons directly on to Read More →

How to Burn .ISO files in Windows 7?

It took Mircrosoft long enough to figure out the compatibility issue of .ISO files (a.k.a. disk image) which persisted in the older versions of Windows. Previously, users had to download a third-party tool to burn .ISO files to DVDs. Gladly, Read More →

Prank: How To Create a Fake Computer Virus in Windows

Sometimes you are in a mood to fool your friends but are unable to think of any prank. What could be more fun to create a fake computer virus that once executed displays a 'shutdown system' message and eventually shuts Read More →
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