Fix “Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site. Operation Aborted” – How To

Today, I want to share a problem, plus its solution, sometimes faced by readers who use Internet Explorer (IE), while browsing the web.  Recently, I too was having the same kind of problem when I tried to visit my blog in Internet Explorer.

Therefore, I thought to share my experiences with my valued readers. If any one of you is facing the same problem, while loading a page of your blog, try following, what I have learned a few days back.

Let me first elaborate the situation to you. You are trying to open a web-page, the web page loads for a few moments and suddenly you see a pop up message “Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site Operation Aborted”, click “OK” and partially loaded page turns to “page cannot be displayed…”.

Now, if you open the same page on another browser like Firefox, Safari and Chorme; that page will load just fine and no error will be displayed on the screen. I had already encountered such errors on numerous websites while stumbling through the web and thought it was bad coding and moved on to other website.

When the same problem started appearing on my blog, and I could not open any page in Internet Explorer. On the other hand worked fine in Firefox or other browsers. I thought to my self that something terrible had happened to my blog or I somehow messed up with the code.

Therefore, I Googled in search for this dreaded error and read some good amount of documentation on a number of websites I thus was able to figure out the cause of error. This is basically issue with Internet Explorer not able to read ‘Javascript code’ on your website. It is more to do with the placement of that Javascript code.

How did I fixed the Error?:

  • I Carefully removed all Javascript codes of Feedburner, Adsense, or any other.
  • Then added Javascript code one by one and checked for the error.
  • Woillah! I found it was my Kontera Javascript Ad code causing issue.

Since, this code was placed at the bottom of the template. I deleted the code and did not get the message. Now I was sure that this error was caused by the wrong placement of the code and not the code causing the problem.

I then placed the code just above the end of the body tag and that dread error was finally resolved. So if you are dealing with same error, try to play around with the placement of Javascript code in the template and issue should be fixed. And i bet its the Kontera Code and non other, which makes such a fuss and displays the error.

Another funny option to this problem is to “STOP USING Internet Explorer”. Easier said than done, still lots of people use IE, around 10% of my visitors use IE and they will not able to access my website. So this error had to be dealt with!

Do let me know If it worked for you or not. Questions are welcomed.



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