How To Change Display Date/Time Format In Vista / 7

Some of us who use Windows have noticed how our clocks appear in the system tray but the format is in the 24 hour format and it has been set to this format by default. I, honestly speaking, prefer to have my clock in the 12 hour format as it is so much to read and comprehend. You don’t have to start making calculations rather you will already know whether its AM or PM. Here is the solution to this problem.

In order to alter the time displayed on your computer, go to Start and then your Control Panel. Choose Regional and Language Options from this numerous options displayed to you.

Click on the Customize button which is under the Standards and formats portion. Below this button, you will see an example of each of these settings and how it is currently configured for number, currency, time, short date, long date etc.

Click on the tab labeled Tab and change the time format to H:mm:ss. The “H” will be in uppercase so no need to panic. Click on OK to move forward.

The uppercase “H” or “HH” represents a 24 hour format. The lowercase “h” and “hh” means the 12 hour format. The single “h” is used in case you do no twant to show leading zeros for single digit hours. On the other hand, “hh” is used for leading zeros.

Here are some useful tips that you can apply your Date/Time settings:

  • Type an uppercase H/HH for 24 hour formats
  • Type a lowercase h/hh for 12 hour formats
  • Lowercase t to display a single letter to indicate AM/PM
  • Lowercase tt to display letters to indicate AM/PM

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