Create HTML Email Signatures for Webmail service with WiseStamp

No doubt that email is among the most common and the easiest way to communicate with your surroundings. Lots of people try to add their relevant information in the footer of their emails.

WiseStamp is a very useful FireFox add-on, that gives you a rich text editor to create your email signature. You can even edit, save, and apply rich HTML signatures to your web-based email accounts, including Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Gmail.

Once you are in your web mail account, WiseStamp adds a signature drop-down so you can choose which signature to use with the current email, or it can insert it automatically.

Summary of Features included in WiseStamp are as follows:

  • Manually adds Signature at mouse cursor location
  • Signature Rich Text editor
  • Easy setup and configuration interface
  • Easily Includes all IM ID’s and also support for icons
  • Automatically insert your signature to your web mail services
  • Preview while editing Signature
  • Add logo or image to your Signature

The WiseStamp site offers an installation guide, tutorials, and a help section for users and supports Firefox 2 and 3. Its worth trying out.

Download WiseStamp

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