Generate and Design Buttons with Button Generator

In one of our previous posts, we discussed about a very useful app; XHeader, through which you could create beautiful headers for your blog/site. This time, we bring you another handy app, that lets you create buttons for you blog/site.

With Button Generator you can generate buttons, not only for web pages, but also for programs, or add it to your presentations. It also allows you to give captions onto blank button image or define button shape, gradient, size, font parameters.

You also got the leverage to generate as many buttons as you need. You can also use images as base, by adding a background behind your buttons; as shown below.

Some of the outstanding features of Button Generator includes:

  • Vertical text align
  • Radial gradient option
  • Arrange buttons on image and images on display / in HTML
  • GIF options – compression
  • Copy2clipboard feature for images
  • Number of buttons per image allows to produce many images frame can be rounded and with margin
  • Save html map

Program produces *.bmp, *.gif, *.jpg and *.png output and is currently available in polish and English language version.

Download Button Generator

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