NiceTranslator | Translate into 34 Languages at Once

nice-translatorDo you have a large circle of friends from around the globe? And do you face some level of difficulty while talking to them in their own language?

Lets take this from another angle; What if you are on a tour around the world and you might want to ask for directions from someone who is not familiar with your native language. Then you would probably need NiceTranslator to do the job for you.

As the name implies, NiceTranslator is infact a very useful translating tool, that translate your desired sentence iont more than 34 languages at once. Although it is powered by Googles Translate itself, but due to a very easy to use interface, you will find no difficulty using it.


Simply select the desired language you want your text to be translated into and it will start translating in real time as soon as you type the words into the text box.

Another beneficial aspect of this site is that you can access this on the move from your iPhone or any other mobile device. Now that’s a good way to impress your friends and family. Isn’t it?

Via WebWare